About Me

Hi, I'm Wendy. In some ways, I have been practicing yoga all my life. A natural acrobat as a child, I spent countless hours tumbling around in my backyard.  In college, I bought “Yoga, the Iyengar Way” and began practicing in my apartment.  I knew I had a new love, but the discipline was yet to come. Fast forward a few years later—through marriage, babies, and dealing with life’s brokenness. Yoga called to me again--I dusted off the books and visited studios to supplement my home practice (and correct bad habits). Through some interesting twists and turns, I found myself teaching. My classes have a sweet edge, balancing intensity and release with a strong focus on alignment. I continue to study regularly with the gifted Nashville  teachers in the Ashtanga and Iyengar traditions.

I’d like to think I’m a contemplative, but maybe my head’s lost in the clouds. I’m inspired by my amazing family, great art, good yoga, and God's grace.